Deliver a billion highlight reels to a billion fans.

Sizzle has patented personalization technology to deliver each of your fans the moments they care about the most. We do all this without creating any new video files. We work with your existing full length broadcast and point each of your fans to the right moments within that broadcast.

billion highlight reels for fans

Fans starting the live game late? Catch them up in real-time.

Most fans these days don’t mind starting late, but they want to finish the match live. So why not let them do this? Catch them up with all the highlights up to that point - or just the ones they care about.

catch them up

Condensed games just the way each fan wants.

Let your fans decide how much time they have, what players’ moments and types of plays they want to see. We’ll give them the exact game summary they’re looking for.

Condensed games

Take fantasy sports to the next level.

Give your fans a video-immersive fantasy experience. Let them see the highlights of each of their players as they make team changes week to week.

take fantasy aports to next level

Give your fans a personalized “Redzone”.

Looking for a cool signed-in experience on your site or app? Let each fan see the latest highlights from their favorite players or teams as it happens.

personalized redzone

Personalize your mobile notifications and email updates.

Alert each fan of their favorite player’s plays — with a live clip. Or send daily or weekly updates to your opt-in fans with personalized highlights of their favorite players.

personalized emails

Be in control of all social shares.

With Sizzle, all social shares are just pointers to moments on your main broadcast. So only those folks with access to your broadcast (e.g. subscribers) will see the moments. So never worry about blocking social media again.

controlled social shares

Build rich analytics on what your fans want

We will provide all the data and analytics to you — of what moments your fans want, when they skip ahead, what shares are popular, and a whole lot more. Use this data to build out new, immersive experiences.

Build rich analytics


Does the above sound interesting? If so, let’s chat! Feel free to email us at and we’re happy to talk through the possibilities.