create rich esports highlights

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Personalize highlights to millions of fans.

create rich esports highlights

Get rich highlights of all your matches.

Sizzle’s AI analyzes the video, audio, and chat of your livestreams to automatically determine the best moments. We can tell when the big plays happen, when the commentators are excited, when the audience is excited - and even when it’s a funny play. And we can break down moments by players. Delight your fans and keep them engaged.

No software required on your players’ PCs.

Sizzle analyzes the Twitch or YouTube streams to determine the best moments. We do NOT have any software in any player’s PC. So you can broadcast like you normally do, and we’ll create highlights behind the scenes.

no software required

Personalized to millions of fans.

Some fans may want the funny moments, while others may want to see the action packed moments. Give them what they want! Sizzle’s patented technology allows you to create millions of highlight reels - all with just a single broadcast - and without creating any new files.

Match summaries just the way each fan wants.

Let your fans decide how much time they have, what players’ moments and types of plays they want to see. We’ll give them the exact match summary they’re looking for.

Match Summaries
Fantasy Esports

Take fantasy esports to the next level.

Give your fans a video-immersive fantasy experience. Let them see the highlights of each of their players as they make team changes week to week.

Give your fans a personalized “Redzone”.

Looking for a cool signed-in experience for your fans? Let each fan see the latest highlights from their favorite players or teams. Best of all, you don’t even need to host the videos, they can still sit on Twitch or YouTube. Sizzle will take care of the magic.

Esports Redzone
Get personalized emails

Engage your fans with personalized email updates.

Send daily or weekly updates to your opt-in fans with personalized highlights of their favorite players and moments.

Be in control of all social shares

With Sizzle, all social shares are just pointers to moments on your main broadcast. So only those folks with access to your broadcast (e.g. subscribers) will see the moments.

social gameplay highlights share
Build rich analytics

Build rich analytics on what your fans want

We will provide all the data and analytics to you — of what moments your fans want, when they skip ahead, what shares are popular, and a whole lot more. Use this data to enhance your future streams.


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